Men A-Shirt Black 3 in a Bag Your Price is $2.50 Each

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Men Assorted A-Shirt 3 in a Bag
also called Deygo / Wife Beater

100% Combed Cotton

  • Excellent for wearing under everything.
  • Generous Long Length Body stays Tucked in.
  • High density fabric for exceptional print clarity.
  • Feels great and feels just right
  • Excellent for charities giveaway e.g. Shelter Homes, Churches etc
  • Also great for Retail, Flea Marketer, institutional use.
  • 3 A-Shirt packed in clear plastic bag.


Colors and Sizes:

  • Assorted (Black / Navy / Gray)
  • Small / Medium / LG / XL

$7.50 for a pack of 3 A-Shirt   Small / Medium / Large / XL / 2XL (Your Price is $2.50 each) Black





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